What’res the upward price trends?

What's the path for the rents?

How they value is growing in the main historical centers?

Price trends

Ci is specialized in production of prices indexes.

Indexes are a tool to control the upward trends of the market. They are based upon its own methodologies, with quality adjustment mechanisms, to ensure the data comparability over time.

Ci indexes are used for almost every major Banks in Portugal, being referred by entities as Bank of Portugal and BIS – Bank for International Settlements.

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National series

Access to monthly series of Ci Indexes at national level.

At the magazine you may access the most recent analyses and download last data in Excel, including:

  • Residential Prices Indexes
  • Residential Rent Indexes

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Indexes for historical areas

Prices indexes are an essential tool to attract investment, promoting investors’ trust.

That's a matter for additional concern in the areas of urban regeneration, for which it's important to attract international investment.

With that in mind, Confidencial Imobiliário issued Índice de Preços da Baixa do Porto (IPBP - Price index for Oporto city center), with the support of Porto Vivo, SRU.

The production of Índice da Baixa de Lisboa (Index for Lisbon city center), with the support of Lisbon City Hall, is ongoing.

Ci’ Residential Prices Indexes is the longest series about real estate in Portugal, with date from 1988. Since 2007 it is founded in the treatment of sales information, based on SIR.

It’s the only monthly series about sale prices available in Portugal.

Residential Rent Index reflects the evolution of contract rent in each period.

It is based on SIR and the only series available about rents in Portugal.

This is an initiative with the support of IHRU.

Local indexes benefit from SIR data and preferential rights treatment, covering URAs.

Local authorities have preferential right over transactions conducted at URAs, and sales shall be made known in advance by owners.