What are the sale prices charged per area?

What’s the number of transactions?

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Prices per range and area

SIR - Residential Information System is the only database in Portugal with information about sale and rental prices. It’s a result of the reported data treatment over more than 600 property brokerage, development and investment firms.

SIR provides price per area, typology and market range.

This is why professionals use this tool to make decisions about investments.

Almost every Banks in Portugal use SIR.

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Geo-Ci is the platform to access market data. You can export data to Excel or save your favorite queries.

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If you are a developer, investor, mediator, consultant or appraiser, access SIR to support your decision-making activity, using credible and independent data in the definition of sale and lease prices.

SIR - Turismo Residencial is a subsystem of SIR, dedicated to Resorts and residential tourism properties. This statistical database was launched in partnership with APR - Associação Portuguesa de Resorts, with the support of Turismo de Portugal.

SIR is a tool used by Credit Institutions to control the market. Structure your activity based on the same information used by the Banks that finance the real estate investment.