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June 2017

The entrance of new properties in the market keeps dropping, pushing prices

  • The growth on demand slows down 
  • The increase of residential prices keeps steady
  • Sales raise at a moderate pace

Ricardo Guimarães

Director at Ci

“Residential Prices Indexes of Confidencial Imobiliário confirm the existence of a new stage at residential market. Not so long ago, prices only increased in major locations such as Lisbon and Oporto. Besides, this behavior was specific for historical centers, driven by the dynamic of urban regeneration. In other parts of those cities, and even more in other locations, prices were stagnating or falling. Nowadays, all markets are recovering and the positive trend is spreading.”

Simon Rubinsohn

Senior Economist at RICS

“In Portugal the unemployment rate has fallen to 9.4% in May, the lowest rate since 2008. The sustained job creation, the high trust of the consumers and the strengthening of recovery in Euro zone, as a whole, are factors that shall help maintain the Portuguese economy drive and, also, of the real estate market.”