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August 2017

Lack of supply continues to squeeze prices higher

  • New sales instructions continue to slow
  • Further price growth across all areas
  • Rental growth remains firm

Ricardo Guimarães

Director at Ci

“The latest figures computed by Confidencial Imobiliário show an important increase in new buildings under construction. New projects in the pipeline are growing, both regarding refurbishment and new buildings. This is an important reaction from the market, with investors seeing a clear chance for their projects in response to the actual lack of housing currently on the market (reported by the survey).”

Simon Rubinsohn

Senior Economist at RICS

“According to the European Commission’s survey, consumers are now more feeling more confident about making a major purchase than at any other point over the past 15 years. Confidence is being underpinned by sustained improvements in economic conditions, which should continue to create a favourable backdrop for housing market activity over the year ahead.”