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Do you need to know the actual selling price or the lease price?
Do you need updated data and for a specific area?

Confidencial Imobiliário is a data bank, being the only source in Portugal with statistical data about transaction prices and residential lease agreements.

Our mission is to meet the needs of information from the market players, as for decisions regarding investments, as for trade action.

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Who we are

Ricardo Guimarães

Ricardo Guimarães

Managing partner

Economist and master in quantitative methods (FEP-UP), launched and coordinated Sistema de Indicadores de Preços na Construção e Habitação (System of Price Indicators in Construction and Housing) of INE. He was an advisor at AICCOPN, and since 2006 is the CEO of Confidencial Imobiliário where protects their statistical production. He is an expert invited for several postgraduate courses in real estate, in particular at ISEG and EGP-PBS.

Gil Machado

Gil Machado

Managing partner

Manager (FEP-UP) and MBA in Marketing (UCP) is founder and CEO of Vida Imobiliária magazine. With a large experience in the production of market indicators launched in Portugal the Lisbon Prime Index and IPD – Investment Property Databank. Vice-chairman of ULI – Urban Land Institute in Portugal and Fellow at RICS. Teacher in several postgraduate courses in real estate, in particular at ISCTE, ISEG and EGP-PBS.


Ci is not active in the real estate market. We are not appraisers, mediators or have other activity that may have conflict of interest, regarding the production of information. This commitment is essential to ensure the independence of the data we produce.


Our methodologies compare with the best international practices, taking advantage of a highly qualified technical team.

All methodologies are public, contributing to full transparency of our action and to the trust of our contents’ users.

Exclusive Data

The unique position of Confidencial Imobiliário enables you to access and treat exclusive information about businesses and investments, protecting data confidentiality.

The results obtained are very detailed, actual and pertinent.

Access to the same data that Banks use to control the market and decide about financing.

Access to the market intelligence data you need the most for your activity.

If you are a market player, a developer, a mediator, a consultant or other, access to SIR - Residential Information System, where you find exclusive information about prices and rents. Learn the reality of the market and know how your company/venture positions comparing with the competition numbers.

Did you knew that entities such as Bank of Portugal or BCE use data from Confidencial Imobiliário?

The magazine Confidencial Imobiliário was launched in 1988.

Determined since then, the Confidencial Imobiliário’ Prices Indexes is the oldest statistical series about national real estate market.

The time range of the Index and its credibility make it a reference for the most important authorities in national and international financial system, since the Bank of Portugal, to European Central Bank and Bank for International Settlements. In Portugal it is used for the majority of the main credit institutions.

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It is prohibited the use, in any form whatsoever, namely reproduction, distribution, publication and alteration of any content, including tables, schemes, diagrams and graphic, except for the following: use, partial reproduction and disclosure of any of the content previously mentioned for purposes of the Subscriber itself, namely to illustrate or complement presentations for their clients or potential clients, background notes, technical documentation, press releases, catalogs and other similar situations, since that does not conflict with normal exploitation of the above-mentioned contents or represent action of unfair competition and include, in a visible way and in all reproductions, the citation «© IMOESTATISTICA – TODOS OS DIREITOS RESERVADOS». A IMOESTATISTICA shall not be responsible for the adequacy and accuracy of information where those contents are to be included, no matter the purpose it is intended to.

Did you knew that Confidencial Imobiliário is partner of the most important entities connected to the market?

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